17. February 2016 · Comments Off on Training Students On Health And Safety · Categories: Student Safety

shopWhen I became a teacher, there were obviously many new steps I had to learn and new rules and regulations I had to know. One of the most important pieces I had to fully grasp was the importance of health and safety. This was especially important if you were planning on teaching a shop class or even home economics. You had to be able to identify the dangers of each tool or action and be able to explain what to do in certain situations. Now, this is even more important within a classroom full of students, sometimes them being young children. We had a vast array of information on health and safety that we had access to. We had to learn it all to able to start teaching.

Some students have such a hard time focusing on anything, so when you’re training them on health and safety, you have to extremely precise and clear. One small movement or a slip can have drastic consequences. To be able to prevent these occurrences, the importance of training for health & safety must be learned. Safety protocols not only for specific classes but also for the entire school should be known well and practiced often. The more training you provide to your students, the more prepared they can become in certain circumstances. Every student should also know the basics of CPR and first aid training. These are essential lifesaving skills that everyone should know and practice. The importance of health and safety should become a lesson that not only every teach learns, but the students learn as well.