28. January 2016 · Comments Off on Games To Play At Recess · Categories: Kids Games

kidsRecess time can be an enjoyable time or a boring non-active time depending on the kids around.  When I was teaching grade 2, I used to gather all my students together and every few months, teach them a different recess game.  One of the kids’ favourite games was STAR.

STAR can be played with as many kids as you want.  You need at least 3 to play but can definitely go up to as many as 15 or more.  The game is sort of like trivia and is best played on a parking lot or flat grass.  It requires some running so make sure all the kids are careful.  To start, draw two lone parallel lines about 4 meters apart.  Have one student stand on one line facing the other line and the rest of the student on the other line facing the one student.  Then, choose a category relating to either TV shows, movies, songs, song artists, etc.  Depending on the category, the single student will shout the acronym of a specific show or movie loud enough so all the kids on the other line can hear.  Then, everyone starts guessing the answer.  As soon as the answer is shouted, everyone on the line runs forward to the single student line and back.  The person who makes it back first gets to be on the opposite line picking the acronym.

This game can definitely be a lot of fun and is also great exercise.  Consider teaching your class or a group of kids this game and watch them get excited as they play!